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Should I Really Follow-Up Again?

According to experts, establishing a solid connection takes a minimum of seven interactions, in fact, it might take up to eight engagements with someone before they decide to use your service. Seven times – it sounds like a lot, right? Here’s what it could look like:


1.      You meet them for the first time at a networking event.

2.      You engage with them on social media after that initial meeting.

3.      You cross paths with them at a social gathering and exchange greetings.

4.      You continue to follow their updates on socials.

5.      As part of your marketing efforts, you send them an email or text.

6.      You address their questions in person at a meeting or event.

7.      You arrange a one-on-one sales call.


Imagine if you stopped interacting with someone after your first encounter. You’d never have the chance to engage in meaningful conversations, answer their questions, or meet face-to-face to discuss potential business. They’d miss out on your services, and you’d miss out on a valuable contact.


Meetings can lead to various opportunities – a potential sale, a new friend, or someone you can introduce to your social circles. Consistency is key but remember to respect their boundaries. If they sale ‘no’ or ‘don’t call me’, it’s essential to consider the interaction complete and avoid becoming an annoyance with six more follow-ups.

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