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Asking for the Sale: Lessons from My Sales Training Days

I had some sales training in my early professional years. I was in people's homes, demonstrating a product, and engaging in conversations with couples. But here's the kicker - after all the product demos and friendly chatter, there would come a moment when silence hung in the air. It was the moment of truth: would I dare to ask if they were interested in making a purchase?

I was young and shy; and, to be honest, felt a bit awkward asking people to buy my product. However, with each demonstration I delivered, my confidence grew, not only in the product itself but in my ability to help others benefit from it. I began to genuinely look forward to the moment when they would decide to make a purchase. It became less awkward each time as I popped the question: "Would you like to buy?"

It's a lot like a conversation, really. I would showcase the product, they'd ask questions, I'd provide answers, and then came the pivotal moment when I would ask if they were ready to buy. Their response was a crucial part of our interaction. If they said yes, I'd write up the order. If they said no, I'd continue answering their questions and navigate from there. But what if I never asked them to buy? Imagine we're all just left hanging, in a strange, awkward silence. No question, no answer. It's weird, unexpected, and quite frankly, uncomfortable.

I'm not a pushy salesperson, not by a long shot. But here's the thing I learned early in my sales career: I will ask you if you'd like to buy. And if your answer is no, I'll assume it's a 'no' to buying my service, not a rejection of me as a person. That was a crucial lesson I had to grasp.

So, here's the real question: Do you truly believe in your product or service? Do you have the confidence to ask for the sale when you're talking to a potential client? Does it feel a bit strange? I promise that in time it becomes a natural part of the sales conversation.

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