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Building Rapport and Making a Connection

By: Pamela Cooper

Rapport is a connection or relationship with someone else. It can be considered as a state of harmonious understanding with another individual or group. Building rapport is the process of developing that connection with someone else.” Sometimes it's natural and you seem to “hit it off” with someone. Other times, it takes a bit of effort.

  • Be authentic/genuine and watch your body language. People can usually see right through someone who is 'fake'. If your words are saying one thing, but your body language is giving another vibe, it's hard to make a connection with someone built on trust. They will see you as someone who doesn't really care.

  • Remember details about the other person - especially their name.

  • Actively listen to the person you're engaging with. Make eye contact. There's nothing worse than when you're talking with someone and they're clearly not listening or actively participating in the conversation!

  • Don't judge. When you build rapport, you're inviting the other person to be themselves. Rapport develops out of meaningful conversations and a willingness to embrace other's points of view.

  • Ask questions and show interest. Who knows, you may even learn something new from the other person!

Do you remember people's names? What is the most challenging about building rapport with people you've just met?

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